Our Goal

We strive to assist our clients in locating and hiring the most qualified candidates available and to provide this service in a timely and professional manner.

To Achieve Our Goal We Rely on:

  • Staff of experienced and enthusiastic consultants.
  • Three C’s. To assure that only the most appropriate candidates are presented to our clients requires an exhaustive process. Not only that we attract individuals with the correct technical and educational experience, but we also concentrate heavily on the all-important three C’s, of character, chemistry & cultural fit. Our experience has taught us that it is these three C’s that undoubtedly produce the foundation for successful long-term placements.
  • Support of a dedicated administrative team equipped with the latest database technology designed for IT industry.

Any hiring authority knows that finding the right person for the job is a tough assignment.  It requires intelligent questioning, intuitive assessment and a solid knowledge of business practices and, in particular, the software development and support lifecycle.  These are the skills provided by the team at The 5 Star IT Recruiters.