We Are Implementing:

The Code of Ethical Practices of the Association of Professional Placement Agencies and Consultants (“APPAC”).

Candidate Shall:

  • Serve employer/clients faithfully and with professional responsibility.
  • Respect confidential information obtained from employer/clients and candidates.
  • Give employer/clients complete and accurate information on a candidate’s personal record, qualifications and experience.
  • Refer candidates to the employer/client for interviews only with the prior authorization of the employer/client, which may be given verbally.
  • Extend professional services to all qualified employed or unemployed candidates regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, sex, income level, physical handicap or marital status.
  • Give candidates information on positions and terms of employment that accurately represents the description of the employer/client.
  • Derive income only from employer/client.
  • Not solicit a candidate who is still in the employ of an employer/client with whom the member has placed him/her.
  • Refrain from conduct, practices or statements likely to discredit or otherwise injure employer/client, candidates or fellow members.