Sr. Business Analyst (Solutions/Strategy Analyst), Contract/$70 Phr Inc. (open)

December 18th, 2013

Project Description:

Must Have Skill 1:
Payment industry
Must Have Skill 2:
Strategy Development
Must Have Skill 3:
Identification and valuation of Promotional Marketing and Sponsorship assets

Published Description:
Sr. Business Analyst (Solutions/Strategy Analyst) for a contract role as they look into new frontiers and product offerings within their organization.

The client is looking for a Senior Business Analyst (Solutions/Strategy Analyst) to assist with validation of the feasibility of and recommending an approach for using the client card as a LUM (License Use Management)

Summary of Role:
Working under the direction of the Chief Technology Officer and with his team, the Senior Business Analyst will recommend validated partnership business models to fund the use of the client card as a LUM (for transfers and occasional use).

Primary Responsibilities:
• Generate financial benefits to client or its clients and/or customers, such as revenue or cost avoidance, and achieve a good ROI (if applicable), in support of the Business Strategy;
• Enhance the visibility and strengthen the reputation of client to clients, stakeholders, the general public, and/or prospective and current customers;
• Enhance the customer experience by offering added-value products and services, and contribute to customer trial, acquisition, and retention;
• Improve efficiency and potential impact of client’s operations, marketing and communications; and
• Support the transformation of the region’s transportation and payment systems, as well as other provincial policy objectives.

Sponsorship, activities may include:
• Strategic Alliances;
• Marketing, media, and promotional arrangements with commercial entities;
• Special event, programs or campaigns;
• Naming or renaming of client assets, or components of client’s assets, including both tangible (e.g., property, payment media, devices, structures) and intangible; and
• Program and/or service financial sustainability.

Note: Grants, Donations, Goodwill Gestures, Academic and NGO Partnerships, Community-Based Partnerships, Fee-for-Service arrangements, Advertising (as an isolated activity), promotions, and incentives led by parent company or in conjunction with other agencies and government bodies are outside the scope of this Policy. The parent company’s promotions and marketing partnerships are subject to the
Promotional Partners Framework.

Operational Business Partnership
• Beyond Sponsorship, Operational Business Partnership activities may include synergistic and/or complementary business process (i.e. cross-promotions, card management) and risk/reward sharing arrangements.

• Develop and validate a project charter and project plan.
• Gain understanding of client’s business requirements through review of business strategy and other relevant documentation, and interviews of key client and parent company stakeholders.
• Conduct primary qualitative and secondary quantitative research.
• Conduct regular status reviews with client project sponsor and team members.

• A strategy for establishing a self-sustaining and value creating payment media management business model, especially for temporary use, such as transfers and occasional riders; and
• Recommendations and specific requirements for a go-to-market approach via procurement and/or a business/sponsorship brokerage.

Relevant Qualifications
• Payment Industry based consulting services to include, but are not limited to, strategy and process development (e.g., identification and valuation of Promotional Marketing and Sponsorship assets selection criteria, and performance objectives for Sponsorships, etc.),
• Bundling of Promotional Marketing and Sponsorship packages.
• Identifying potential Sponsors,
• Assisting with or leading research on processes for Sponsors on behalf of client.
• Evaluating ROI (if applicable) for client.
• University degree in a related discipline – OR – an advanced/specialist certification, requiring an equivalent number of years of post-secondary education.
• Ability to identify and apply best practices related to Payment Industry.
• Understanding of both business and technology concepts.
• Self-starter who can work in a demanding and rapidly changing environment with strong prioritization skills.

Personal Attributes:
• Excellent written and oral communications skills
• Ability to work with all levels of staff
• Comfort with complexity and ambiguity
• Ability to quickly learn new concepts and tools

Certifications / Education:
• Undergraduate degree or equivalent business experience
Other Position Requirements:
• Security clearance (CPIC)